Bev Eckman-Onyskow has been gardening since she was a kid, starting in her backyard in Detroit. Those early efforts produced tiny ears of corn, because she hadn't learned about soil amendments or fertilizers, yet. But the moss roses she planted and tended, because her Mother loved them, grew, spread, and bloomed in proliferation, which encouraged and inspired her.


“Gardening can be a chore, but the satisfaction of successfully growing plants is, for me, incomparable,” she said. “Last year I harvested 40 apples from my one Granny Smith apple tree, when commercial growers in the county had dismally low harvests.”


Bev's idol is Thomas Jefferson. She said “I bought his 'Garden Book' on a
visit to Monticello, his home in Virginia.  I felt he was a kindred spirit when I read that he ordered seeds from Europe, planted them, weeded them, fertilized them--and they all died, he wrote, showing that even arguably the greatest American horticulturist of his century experienced the same frustration that we face today.


“My passion is to help gardeners solve their challenges so they can successfully enjoy the fruits—or flowers—of their efforts. There is a myriad of information available, and I will help them sort through it and make the best choices.”



  • Master Gardener and Advanced Master Gardener certification from the Michigan State University Extension.
  • Advanced certification through intensive classes at Michigan State University in East Lansing.
  • Vice President Sunrise Side Master Gardener Association, Oscoda, MI.
  • Master Gardener certification from the New Mexico State University / Otero County Extension.
  • Vice President of the Otero County (NM) Master Gardener Association
  • Past Chairman of the Alamogordo (NM) Public Library Advisory Board
  • Bachelor of Arts degree, “with Distinction and a Major in History,” from Wayne State University in Detroit

Bev has taught classes on container gardening and building terrariums, in Michigan and New Mexico, with rave reviews from the participants! Her writing on gardening has been published in Grand Gardens Magazine, Michigan, and in her 'Gardening in the Basin' column for the Alamogordo Daily News, which she has written for eight years. Bev's other freelance writing has appeared in more than a dozen publications, including national.


Bev Eckman-Onyskow is a multi-talented lady whose passion is to help others bring nature to life and make it a part of their surroundings whether in the beautiful Southwest or across the nation!